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Choosing the right domain name for your business is an integral part of having a successful webpage. If your business is located in Australia, TWT would always recommend a ‘.AU’ domain.

TWT would also recommend registering both a ‘.com’ and ‘.au’ for your business as end-users will often try one or the other. If both domains are chosen, they can both be pointed to the same website. TWT also offer the registration of ‘.biz’, ‘.info’, ‘.org’ and ‘.us’. These are not popular domain’s but we can always register them from you.

Please note once a domain name is registered, it belong to the owner. If you are considering a website, TWT’s recommendation is to register your domain first, to ensure you get your preferred choice. If you would like to see the availability of a domain name, please let us know and we can check this for you.

Please remember that .com domains and domains are becoming registered on a ever increasing basis so if you have been contemplating this for some time, remember - do it sooner rather than later.














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